MYTV Decoder DVB T2 Dekoder Myfreeview DVBT2 HDTV Digital TV Receiver Tuner Malaysia Freeview Antenna

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MYTV Decoder DVB T2 Dekoder Myfreeview DVBT2 HDTV Digital TV Receiver Tuner Malaysia Freeview Antenna Set Top Box

Peranti penerima isyarat digital DVB-T2 ialah sebuah dekoder digital bersaiz kecil digunakan untuk menerima Saluran TV Percuma tempatan MYTV (Myfreeview) Malaysia.

Antena dalaman atau luaran DIPERLUKAN untuk menerima saluran.

✅Tidak perlu bayaran bulanan

✅Penggunaan seumur hidup percuma

✅Mudah digunakan terutamanya untuk ibu bapa anda dan warga emas


DVB-T2 digital signal receiver is a small compact size HDTV digital terrestrial decoder for receiving local MYTV (Myfreeview) Malaysia local Free To Air (FTA) TV Channels.

An indoor or outdoor antenna IS REQUIRED to receive channels.

✅No need monthly fee

✅Free life time usage

✅Easy to use, especially for your parents and older people


- UPGRADED VERSION: Support Youtube with USB WIFI antenna receiver (optional)

- Support MYTV Channels - 16 Malaysia Free To Air (FTA) TV channels & 11 Radio Stations

- Malaysia local Free To Air (FTA) TV channels up to HD 1080P

- Easy Setup with Auto Scan Channels

- Support English & Malay Multilingual Languages (OSD)

- Music Playback, Video Playback H.264, PVR function

- Play videos in MP4, MKV, AVI format

- Play music in MP3 format

- View photos in JPG, BMP format

- Support external portable hard drive (HDD) and pendrive via USB interface

- Active Antenna Power Supply control


- Stick Antenna with Amplifier Booster can be used for indoor or outdoor.

- USB WIFI Antenna Receiver for connecting to the Internet and watch YouTube.

- HDMI Cable for connection between DVB-T2 decoder and TV.


1 x DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Receiver Decoder

1 x IR Remote Control

1 x RCA Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Power Adapter


1 x HDMI Cable 1m


1 month local supplier warranty.

Please keep the original package box for warranty claim.

Shipping fee on both directions shall be borne by the buyer for all warranty claims.

Warranty will be voided if the product damages are caused deliberately or miss-handling by end user, including but not limited to misuse, water damage, physical damage, cosmetic damage, unauthorized alternation, and missing accessories.

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